Singalong Storybook Event “Wild Animals” 14th Sept 2017

Join us on Thursday 14th September for a special wild animal themed Singalong Storybook event at Ehon House in Mejiro. We will also be making an animal pasta shaker craft. Here is a preview of some of the books we will be making music with (see picture). So take a walk on the wild side with us and come on down ….

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Singalong Storybook Event, 2015/12/17 Ehon House, Mejiro

Singalong Storytime 

A singalong storybook.  Stories aren`t just for reading, we can sing them too.
A singalong storybook. Stories aren`t just for reading, we can sing them too.


ジリアン先生と一緒に英語の絵本を読みながら歌を歌います。 ギターにあわせて歌ったり、おどったり、エッグシェーカーを振って歌ったり、身体をつかって絵本を楽しみます! 05歳ぐらいまでの親子が対象です。


Singing along as we tell stories using English picture books

Join us for this parent-and-child musical event. 

Date/日時:   17th December 2015  (Thursday) 12月17()  11:00am-11:30am

Place/場所:  Ehon House Café Space 絵本の家 直営店

Participants/参加者:  Parents with Children aged 0-5 years


Fee/参加料:  500yen per family 500円家族組み

To book your place email/予約が必要:

Ochiai Music Together をもっと詳しくはこちら

Venue: EHON HOUSE Bookshop & Cafe Space

Mejiro, Tokyo

東京都豊島区目白1-7-14 みさとビル1F


Ochiai Park Peace Festival 2015 REPORT – Drip Drop, Drip Drip Drop

Yesterday was the 4th summer in a row that I have taken part in the Ochiai Park Peace Festival おちあい公園ピースフェスタ(   This year however, we had terrible weather.  It rained on and off all day long, including through my demo workshops.  I`ve never sang and played guitar in the rain before! What a day!

I must thank Fumi Ito and her husband Juntaro, who helped make me a makeshift tent out of blue picnic sheets and string.  No I wasnt prepared enough with string, but one of my families who came to support me in the demo class luckily lives next to the park and she rushed home to get us string and scissors and rubbish sacks. Thank you Maki-san!!


Note to self for 2016 : pack a tent and be prepared for all weather. 😛

Due to the bad weather there wasnt many people attending the festival so it wasn`t such a good day for promoting OMT.  But in the end it was quite an experience. Hazel and Rose still enjoyed themselves, and got very wet and muddy – they were just like uk festival goers, caked in mud and looking very dishevelled indeed. LOL.

Juntaro Ito, apart from being good at building rain shelters, is also very good at taking photos and he took these nice shots for us.  Thank you so much.  So many of them captured me making strange expressions and poses.  The ones below are the least embarassing of the batch.

Fumi and my husband Tsuyoshi kindly helped support the workshop.

That’s me, playing through the rain. ‘Hello Everybody’.

We all got up and moved around to ‘Dance with Me’. Fumi is getting on down 🙂

Large movement songs, where we all stand up and move and dance around, are my favourite.

We got the egg shakers out and sang the traditional Ghanaian song ‘Obwisana’.  My youngest daughter Rose (2) found a nice seat on my lap ….

Hazel (5) and Yoshi (4) liked taking part together.

My husband, Tsuyoshi, accompanied me on guitar for ‘Me, You, We’ and ‘Dance with Me’. The festival was very loud with music coming from many different places, so it helped us to have some acoustic guitar to boost our sound.

For ‘One little Owl’ I used the singalong storybook to present the song. I thought it would be a good experience for people to see us ‘singing’ instead of ‘reading’ a story.

Hazel (5) didn’t like getting wet. The friendly yoga ladies from the next workshop slot were very sweet and held umbrellas over our music class participants to keep them dry. They practiced ‘Brain Yoga’ (I must find out what that is ….)

We finished with an upbeat version of ‘Shady Grove’ with lots of la, la, la, du, du, du verses so every one could join in.

Once we finished I thought oh dear, everyone must be so miserable and wet. But my number one fan gave me a big hug. Thanks Rose!

Ochiai Peace Festival 落合ピースフェスタ

On Sunday 26th August I had a stall at a local festival in my neighborhood, the Ochiai Peace Festa. I met some nice families and talked to them about Music Together. The festival turned out to be similar to the program in many ways. There were lots of live music performances, there was dancing and waving scarves, with some really unusual instruments from around the world. There were many other stalls there selling handmade goods, even an old man who makes Kalimbas. They were great. I shall definitely buy one for my centre. Other events included a yukata fashion show, outdoor yoga class, and fabric dying workshops. A fun day, but very very hot!
My stall


Locally Handmade Kalimbas


Can you catch the somen noodles?


Children’s Storytime


The waving of scarves!


Yoga class


My poster child – 看板娘


Not sure what was more suprising, the man in the leotard or the didgeridoo?


My little helper


Vegan food from Cafe Raffa


Falafel – my favourite food in the world!


World music comes to Ochiai


Taking a break after the fashion show


Lots of handmade goods